Sell your website

Are you thinking about selling your website? Tired of expensive listing fees and sale fees? If so, then read on.

We built www because we have been both buyer and seller of profitable websites.

As a seller, you want the best possible return, and we hated giving up 15% of the sale price to a broker.

For a site selling for $50,000 you would pay $7,500 in fees, plus listing fees on top of that.

If you choose to sell your website with www, we won’t charge you any fees as a seller. Ever.

If you sell the site for $50,000, you get the $50,000. Not $42,500!

What type of sites do we sell?

We are focused on established, high-quality sites with earnings that are suitable for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to acquire a project which has room for improvement.

Our rough criteria is:

  • The site must have search engine traffic
  • Earnings between $50-1000 a month
  • No spammy sites or sites made to sell
  • Potential for future growth

Why list your site with www?

We’ve bought and sold websites for the last 7+ years and have a lot of knowledge and experience with buying, building, and selling sites valued between $5,000 up to $100k or more. Here’s why we are different:

  • You never pay a penny to sell
  • Your site is shared with our list of serious buyers
  • You communicate directly with us (not outsourced support)
  • We ban tire kickers and scammers
  • We focus on quality over quantity

I want to sell my website

If you have a site that matches our rough criteria, we’d love to list it and sell it for you. To get started, fill out the form below.

We’ll review your submission and, if approved, we’ll suggest a price based on our experience of buying and selling websites over the last 7 years and schedule your listing to be emailed to our subscribers.