Flippa alternatives

Are you looking for a suitable alternative for Flippa? If so, you’re in the right place.

We Want Websites was built specifically because we were frustrated with Flippa and other website marketplaces and wanted to create the marketplace we always wished existed.

If any of the following sounds good to you, you’ll probably find www a great Flippa alternative:


  • We check all submissions and reject spammy sites
  • We do not allow websites built for the purpose of selling
  • We only list established sites with search engine traffic
  • We only list sites earning $50-1000 a month in revenue
  • We give you ideas on how to improve sites based on experience
  • We limit our listings to only the very, very best


  • We ban tire kickers and scammers
  • We don’t charge sellers a listing fee
  • We don’t charge sellers a broker fee
  • We don’t charge sellers a completion fee
  • We don’t charge sellers. Ever.

Flippa are victim of their own success as the largest website marketplace.

As they scaled, so too did the spammy sellers, the buyers only interested in getting information to steal seller’s ideas, and the listing fees.

We keep the number of websites for sale small and exclusive because our subscribers like it that way.

Our goal is to keep www small and exclusive. If we don’t think a site is good enough, we simply won’t list it.

Sell with www

If you think www might be a good alternative to selling on Flippa, we’d love to list it and sell it for you.

Click here to submit your site and we’ll review your submission. If approved, we’ll suggest a price based on our experience of buying and selling websites over the last 7 years and schedule your listing to be emailed to our subscribers.

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